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Where things stand...

June 9, 2014
Posted at 7:55 pm

Good Evening,

I have received the data key. I am now transcribing the stories over on to my computer. As I do this I am doing minor edits. Also I am breaking J@T I into smaller, more easily readable in a sitting segments. Just because I seem to have no life does not mean everyone else can drop everything for a long sitting.

Second, I will be putting a call out for a editor/proofreader to assist me. Their job will be easy at first, but once we get to the new episodes, they will have their work. I am by no means perfect.

Third. Once everything is set up and prepped, I will delete the current stories on the site and replace them with the new, edited versions. I will give a couple weeks warning beforehand.

Fourth, I will be starting a newer, more controlled email list. If I only had a dollar for each spam email on my current list, I could probably afford to get my books hard printed. LOL.

Thanks for reading. Back to the editing for me.