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Sorry for the delay, but...

June 7, 2014
Posted at 10:26 pm

I know, it's been a while since I posted. Sorry for the delay, but I've got two stories going in the Pam Years series at once. Holly is slowly telling her tale, and Ben is letting me know about meeting Witchy-Poo, Anarchist and the Nymphs. Here's a brief excerpt.

But the bottom line was we all already knew each other. We just hadn't seen each other in person before. And we all seemed to like what we saw.

Which is why within ten minutes, I was leaning back on a chaise lounge, cupping Jenn's little tits from behind while she bounced on my stiff cock in a reverse cowgirl position. Pam was sprawled tits down up the foot of the chaise between my legs, her face bumping into our wide-spread crotches as Todd pounded his big cock into her from behind. Pam was trying to lick, but it's hard to lick when you're wailing in non-stop orgasms like she was. Jennifer shuddered into what must have been her third hard cum and leaned back against me, moaning and shaking as I spurted, spurted, spurted up into her hot, slick and tightly convulsing love canal. Todd thrust hard again into my girlfriend and grunted his own release. He sank back onto his heels, panting and the girls shooed me off the chaise, laying it flat and then moving into a 69, Pam on top, hungry mouths seeking out slimy cum-fulled cunts.

That will have to hold you! Maybe by next weekend...