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Thanks for the feedback

June 4, 2014
Posted at 1:03 pm

I wish to thank my readers for the feedback I have received thus far on my story Ancient Abilities.

I appreciate the comments provided that let me know that you are reading the story and like what you read. Even though that response may just be a Smiley face or the words 'Thanks'.

Some of my readers have gone out of their way to point out grammatical errors and observations on the direction I could take the storyline. My policy is to provide a personal response to those who provide constructive comments that are intended to aid me in improving the story.

One of my readers, Steve, allowed his imagination free rein as to how I could develop the storyline, and a second reader, Dennis, pointed out a potential problem with the storyline. I find this type of feedback very helpful. For example, in my thinking there are three levels of characters: bit players, central characters, and main characters. Steve and Dennis both made observations regarding John. In this story, John is what I think of as a bit player (i.e., the type of character needed to support the main and central characters, but not significant to the storyline). It was my intention to allow John to just fade away, but the comments made me reconsider John's potential to the overall storyline. I may bring John back in a future story and elevate him to a more important character.

A second reason that I am appreciative of the feedback is that it makes me examine my character development. Some of the comments I received resulted in me realizing that for reasons I will not divulge at this time, I was failing to maintain one of my characters development and importance to the storyline. Fortunately, there is a point in a future chapter where I can add content that does not affect the chapters already posted.

Once again thank you for taking the time to let me know that you are enjoying the story, and a large thank you to those readers who are aiding me in improving the storyline.