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Just a Thank You

June 3, 2014
Posted at 2:05 pm

Thank You for the votes. This story is just that, a story, however much is based on historical fact, some legends, current myths and my own supposition. It is or soon will be an open universe so feel free to add to it. This story will tell of Rasney and the thing, whatever it is a bit longer as he battles,(Ha, decimates really) her foes. It had been summoned before and even though Rasney did not get all the words and the ritual exactly right, it was like horseshoes and hand grenades, close enough. She was cute too, even a thing could see that. After all, if it had a heart, her sacrifice and fervor was commendable, even if she used Avenge rather than revenge.

After Rasney, we will tell the story that many do not care to hear. How Xinn Lo Ha, gained then lost the power of an Empire.