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Fateless Chapter 10

June 2, 2014
Posted at 10:20 pm

I want to apologizes to anyone who I may have offended with the latest chapter of Fateless. If the darker chapter and its content offended you, it was surely not my intention. I am introducing an extremely evil antagonist to the story and evil people do evil things. To those of you requesting I add the snuff tag to the story, NO! Snuff is used for stories about having sex with someone and killing them. The villain does not suff anyone, he just kills those in his way. He will continue to use his powers to kill people. If me having the villain of a story kill people offends you then again I am sorry but he is the villain and well villains kill people. I have put a disclaimer in the front of the chapter warning that it is darker and contains not so nice content but I will not have my story labeled as a snuff story simply because the bad guy kills people. Most of the story will continue to be the nice happy light hearted jont that it has been, however when the villain comes into play it will get dark again. I wrote him the way I did so that the reader would truly HATE!! him and look forward to his eventual messy end. If requested will in the future put a disclaimer in the front of all chapters involving the villain so as to prepare the reader for the dark chapter, but a large part of the shock and suspense of the character will be lost because of this.

Thank you