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Ted's New Adventure

May 31, 2014
Posted at 3:26 pm

Well our hero has started a new journey. Hawaii was chosen since it seemed to give him a warm and fuzzy feeling. Least he disappoint so many, he does find time to 'save' a little girl(Hope she is not like Shauna), find a new possible PA and, surprise, surprise, 'convince' Dottie to join them. She also is not the shy, quiet and complacent Dottie anymore. Nope, she tells Ted what is, and what it is going to be. Ted admits to himself at least that he has never found anyone to compare to Dottie. Is it the 'L' thing, will Ted find 'Happiness' over a Mai Tai and will Melissa and Jessica really 'share' Ted with Dottie? Whoops, Jessica is not in this chapter, am I bad.