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May 30, 2014
Posted at 9:33 am

I appreciate the readers that take the time to tell me what they like and dislike about my stories. I accept the comments in the spirit they are given. If people are just being miserable, I ignore them. If readers take the time to explain what works or does not work and why, I consider the comment and reply.

As an aside, when I first used The Ukraine as a country a major character was from, there was no turmoil or bad news coming from there, at least that I knew of. I did know they wanted to trade more with the West. I just hope Colombia doesn't go all to hell because I used that country in my story!

I received an anonymous comment telling me that midshipmen would never be in combat, so my story really bites the big one. The commenter did not read the story, at least not correctly. It made me wonder if my flashbacks were too confusing, yet every other reader that I received a comment from understood my use of that device and was fine with it.

My story is hardly rocket science. I began wondering if I needed to go into more explanation, but I've decided against it. I personally dislike stories that explain every move and plot devise used. The story should be written so the average reader can follow it. I cannot, and will not, try to dumb down things for readers that don't understand what the words are saying. As I have said before, I realize very well that my story (almost all of my stories)strains credibility, but that's the world these characters live in... in my mind. I like fiction. I read to escape, to become the hero, at least in my mind, and not to experience man's inhumanity to man. Thanks to all of those that read, accept, and enjoy the story for what it is. It isn't real. It never happened. It never will. But wouldn't it be cool if it did?