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Harder than it seemed

May 29, 2014
Posted at 10:14 pm

I know, I promised to post again by the end of March.

Didn't happen.

My muse has abandoned me, at least for now.

Since last I wrote, I have recovered from the loss of my mother, and then very nearly lost my father, thanks to a very chemically-inconvenienced MBenz driver (SUV, of all things), who slammed into the left rear quarter-panel of the Buick Park Avenue I had hoped to inherit.

(Sorry, no offense, but it was a NICE car, roughly on par with my once-and-beloved Grand Marquis.)

So Pa is okay, the car is toast, and he has a newish-used Buick LaCrosse.

They don't make 'em like the Grand Marquis, the New Yorker, and the Park Avenue anymore. Fuckin' shame. Those were CARS.

Anyway, I have several stories almost ready, that seem to resist my attempts to finish them. I've found an appreciative reader who has offered to preview them, beta-test if you will. Just waiting for the muse to pay me some attention.

Hell, maybe she's pissed because I'm working on a filmed documentary, Wilmington On Fire. I'm providing technical guidance and suggestions. This one, troops, might be Oscar material.

Back to work...