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A heartfelt moan

May 28, 2014
Posted at 2:08 pm

I am English, living and writing in England, therefore it is natural that my language, grammar and spelling style is UK English.

Now, I fully appreciate that our cousins in the USA have, for various reasons, adapted a beautiful language with their own spellings. That is fine - we all have our own perversions. Also many aspects of your culture differ, often wildly, from mine: particularly in mind is your seemingly incomprehensive education system.

So can I make a deal with you? Please don't write to me complaining about my spellings or English usage (unless they differ from those in my dictionary) and I'll put up with your deviations.

Similarly, as your writers never explain the vagaries of your schooling and culture, please don't expect me explain the terms I use in similar contexts.

Otherwise, please enjoy my stories.