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Mentioning the "NIS" story line in Book 3

May 23, 2014
Posted at 3:41 pm

I've had a few readers write about either their likes or disgust with my inclusion of the 'Naked In School' story line in a previous chapter of After the Energists. I didn't think that would cause that much of a commotion as I've made several prior references to it in the first two books of this story series, and once, briefly, in the chapter about the Valentine's Dance.

Everyone's email messages were cordial and I've swapped messages with those readers on this topic. I simply hope everyone will give this story a chance to put a hopefully different spin on what is one of my favorite story universes. Additionally, that NIS story line won't be happening for a good while yet, as it is still mid-February, and Mike and his crew won't experience that surprise until the middle to end of October in the following school year.

If you're strongly opposed to anything involving the NIS universe, please drop me a line and I promise to give you a heads up prior to submitting any 'lead up' NIS story issues. I'll have to incorporate some of this lead up within Book 3, or I fear that new twist on Mike's rebooted life won't make sense.

Thanks again for reading my story. All comments are greatly appreciated and I'll do my best to get with you ASAP on them.