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If you wanna hear God laugh, tell Him your plans!

May 18, 2014
Posted at 4:58 pm
Updated: May 18, 2014 - 5:01 pm

Thank you for all the emails about my continued support of this story. The good news is that I have had time to write this week, so you'll see a new chapter up pretty soon. With luck I'll have the first draft done today.

My schedule has been erratic. That's not anyone's fault, it's just life and we live it the way it comes. I write for the fun of it, I don't want to think of it as a job. That means if I'm mentally exhausted that I'm not going to push myself to write anyway. I'm fortunate enough to have a job that I enjoy, that also makes reasonably good money. That job has to come first, but I'll do my best to keep the chapters coming.

I now realize why some authors wait until the entire book is done before they start posting. Too late for that, but I might consider it if I do a second book.

Momma and baby are doing fine! Due 12 Dec (as if he has a calendar in there)!