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The Pam Years Series

May 13, 2014
Posted at 11:58 pm

I've noticed that the first story in the Pam Years series was getting good votes, then the scores suddenly dropped off after a minor edit that I posted by simply pasting in my text. It took a while, but I finally actually looked at the story as posted on SOL, and realized that the spacing and paragraph staging was all fucked up.

I've re-done the story in my word processing software, exported it to .txt format, and re-uploaded the file rather than using SOL's "Let me upload my text" feature. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

At any rate, thanks for your votes, and if you choose to vote below an "8", PLEASE, send me feedback and let me know why.

There are quite a few more stories planned in this series, and all of them are at least loosely based on true events.