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Chapter 71 posted

May 6, 2014
Posted at 1:31 am

Chapter 71 is now up. On top of that, I have a good chunk of chapter 72 already written. It would probably be a bit ambitious for me to say that 72 will be up this week; early- to mid-next week is probably more realistic. But I've definitely picked up the pace, writing-wise, compared to my April slowdown.

I posted a while back that LiaB would end up at around 80 chapters. But that was before I put up the super-long chapter 68, which was originally intended to be three separate chapters. It just made more sense for that chapter (which dealt with the marriage of Pat and Inez) to be lumped together as one. Also, chapter 70 was originally supposed to be two chapters.

What I'm trying to say here (in a rather long-winded manner) is that the final version of LiaB will have 78 chapters, plus an epilogue, and that's almost etched in stone. I've plotted out the remainder of the story, and that's how it looks. Don't be surprised if the remaining chapters vary widely in length, much more so than what I've posted up till now.

That's all I care to divulge about what lies ahead. :)