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May 5, 2014
Posted at 10:41 am

I have begun my second book of LiR a bit differently than I wrote the first. I have a good reason. I am trying to gloss over my glaring weaknesses. I should be encouraged in that regard.

My story, in Book 1, left the two kids a continent apart and in institutions of higher learning. I know nothing about Stanford and less about the Naval Academy. I thought about that issue, as much as my mind is capable of rational thought. This story would literally take years if I covered the kids' day to day life through college. The idea came to me to jump ahead five and a half years to when Steve is a SEAL and Gwen is half way through medical school. Important events that occurred during those years in school will be recalled in flashbacks, pretty much in chronological order. That way, I don't have to know what they do everyday at the Naval Academy or what term of endearment they use for other folks at Annapolis. I already have been told about my many errors on politics and military. I apologize that my imagination far exceeds my experience and knowledge on almost all of this stuff, including smart, sexy, big chested girls that often drop their clothes. I do not know this kind of people, but I have heard that they do exist.

I will hit the high spots and then go into real time from this point. (Shortly before Memorial Day, less than six years after they parted ways to go to school.) People are complaining that they didn't get the details of the first football game. They will, but not from Gwen's POV. We will get that from Steve's recollections. I will have characters refer to things that will be recalled in flashbacks later in the story. Kate mentioned that they all were in the next movie. We will get to that, and much more. This story will need time to be fleshed out. If a person waited to read about eight chapters at one sitting, it might make more sense. But, if you follow closely, it should not be too hard to follow in installments as I post them. Regardless, thanks for the opportunity to post, and to hear criticisms and corrections. It is all appreciated.