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The Omega Path : Reposted

May 2, 2014
Posted at 6:37 am


So, Lazarus just resubmitted The Omega Path. He didn't give me much time to do any proofreading, so I'm sure there are plenty of mistakes still left in there to find. But there are two major changes he wanted you to know about.

First, because it is such a long book he decided to put in chapter summaries at the beginning of each chapter to make it easier to pick up where you left off if you have to take a break to get some food or shtup someone. That was nice of him.

Second, he added an afterword which goes into acknowledgements and other behind-the-scene details. And I can tell you, you can skip that part entirely. It's just the standard stuff that any author does, bragging about how cool things were or talking about where ideas come from, plus the not-so-subtle yet pathetic plea for fan mail. I keep telling him that if he wants fan mail, he shouldn't put his characters through so much torture. Character development be damned; people just want happy endings! And sex.

In any case, it should be up soon. (That's what he said.)