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Late postings of chapter eighteen goodness.

May 1, 2014
Posted at 5:58 am

Ello, folks!

Chapter Eighteen of DarkFyre has been submitted for posting.

Thank you as always to my loyal readers, and those who continue to send me their feedback, good and bad. I know this one took a bit, I fell a bit behind because of real life concerns, and also reasons.

I know there wasn't a whole ton of eventful stuff in this chapter. I'm a sucker with a guilty pleasure for lore building, and was in that mode.

I received some feedback, both positive and negative, regarding the 'Master/Lord/Sir' title usage in this story, specifically after Rael and Silmaria have gotten together. Believe it or not, the above scene was planned and almost entirely written before those bits of feedback were received, but that showed me I was on the same wavelength I guess. I hope the explanation cleared things up a bit.

In other unrelated news, a new poem/short freewriting/musing thingie called 'shadows' has been posted as well, for those who are into poem-y thought provoking stuffs and random glimpses into colorful plucky authors heads. Take a gander if its your thing, or shun it, whichever works for you!

Please continue to tell me what you all think! Feedback is important, and really helps me gauge if I need to make adjustments or I am hitting all the right spots! More to come soon.