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Chuckle for the Day

April 29, 2014
Posted at 10:34 am

I, like I assume other authors here do, get comments. I've referred at times, what we speak and write, as The Queen's English.

Today I got a comment from a reader referencing that I was wrong. It's The King's English. He stated, being older, he was in school before the Queen's Coronation, therefore he must have learned not the Queen's, but the King's English.

I thought, my response might give readers a chuckle. It did give me one.


Hi there,

I guess you learned the King's English as did I, so to speak. But what of children of today. Aren't they learning the Queen's English? Or was it that she inherited it from her father which keeps it in his Realm. So perhaps you are right.

Whomever is the keeper of the language I just wish they'd made it simpler.

Although, Google gives a different spin on things. Doing a selective search I found, what since 1553 or thereabouts, it, the language, has been referred to as The King's English.

Although, in 1908, the Fowler Brothers took up the Torch with their book titled just that. So it might have become their language, but maybe not as their book was called The King's English.

But it might be also noted, that all languages do evolve. So it's not the King's English we all speak, as the book the Fowler's wrote is considered obsolete.

Hence, perhaps, it is the Queen's English after all.