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Morgan, Chapter 32

April 28, 2014
Posted at 1:31 am

Chapter 32 is up and available. If you haven't looked at Blair's story of his love for Morgan and his special abilities, might I suggest you sample it.

Perhaps about 20,000 have picked up on the story so far, with perhaps an additional 500 finding it a day. That is something I know is not a blockbuster following as many authors have but it pleases me my story is being read.

With over 36,000 downloads, it has become my second most widely read attempt at writing. Statistics on SOL have to be extrapolated and of course that's what I've done here.

As my ideas for Morgan, Blair, their parents and associates continue, I hope readers will find following their progress interesting. I assure there will be a few hard knocks, which any life, real or imagined has to endure. Of course, good times will prevail.

Additionally, please vote and comment. Suggestions are always welcome as are comments on the variety of my writing's miscalculations.