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Damned hyphens

April 25, 2014
Posted at 9:42 am

Thanks everyone for all of your kind emails. Sorry I've been adrift for a while, I have been writing honestly. However I haven't actually been completing anything. Anyway two yarns within a few days of each other, should keep some folks happy for a while.

I must tell everyone about the discovery that I made this week. For sometime now I've been trying to track down the source of the random hyphen's that mysteriously have been appearing within the text of my postings. Not only on this site but on others as well. So I've always figured that it weren't Lazeez's problem.

The source turns out to have been Microsoft Word and the fact that I use several very different computers. In fact the auto-hyphen function within Word that Microsoft set to on by default.

I reinstalled my main Internet computer a while back and overlooked (or rather completely forgot about) turning the function off. Hey presto when I load the file into Word on this computer (to cut and past it onto the site) I get a whole collection of random hyphens because the page set-up is different on this machine.

Well that's what I think has been happening anyway. Having now switched the feature off, these last two yarns do not appear to have any unwanted hyphens. Although one of them has a whole collection of my usual cock-ups. Will I get around to sorting? Well what do you think, knowing my record in the past!

Anyway I'm in the middle of a holiday in Italy at present. Well in the computer that is. I've got a married couple holidaying somewhere on the Adriatic whose holiday is about to take an interesting turn. I'd better get back to it or they might end up in the abandoned file as well. And I really do want to know how this one turns out.