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What's in an idea. An Ode to Morgan

April 22, 2014
Posted at 12:12 am

It was just over a month ago an idea flashed through me and Morgan was born. Or at least the first thread of an idea which I just couldn't shake from my brain dogged me until I had to start writing her story.

At first I almost put her down. Killed her or rather deleted it. You see, the reader comments I got were rather bad and well, the SOL scoring wasn't kind either.

Well, it's more serious than that. I almost stopped writing altogether. I was rather upset at the reaction to Morgan. But I've toughed it out and the comments have changed to more on the positive side and the scoring is getting slightly higher.

I'm now satisfied with the way the story is going and the twist I've put into Morgan's theme. Plus, the story has passed the 30-K mark and that pleases me. At least she's being read.

I do wish I was better at editing before I decide to post what I've written. For that I apologize. But I do review what gets posted and inevitably follow up as fast as possible. And reader's comments help with corrections and I thank all that have passed on them to me. It does help.