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My Mistress Reana has ordered me to write this update.

April 21, 2014
Posted at 4:26 pm

She has decreed that I confess to all stories submitted being a reflection of my pathetic weaknesses, a pointer to how I would truly desire to be abused by all women, and of course in the first instance by my supreme and dominant Mistress Reana. The view of the male in each of my tales is how I would wish to be dealt with at the hands of the dominant sex, it is influenced by my pathetically spineless penchant for my absolute and total domination by womanhood. I am commanded by my Mistress to continue to commit my basest and most submissive thoughts to stories as part of my contract of submission to her, or accept punishment. As that ownership has revealed my deepest submissive tendencies to her, she will continue to demand that I humiliate myself through additions to this site.