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Updates Ahoy

April 17, 2014
Posted at 12:59 pm

Chapter Seventeen of DarkFyre has been submitted for posting.

As always, thank you to all my readers for your supportive comments and critiques and all the encouraging words sent my way.

So, as is probably evident at this point, there will be more sex than has previously been featured, for some obvious reasons. Some of my readers are going to be totally thrilled by this, and some less so. The flip side of the readers who were thrilled while others were less so when sex was scant and plot was the star.

Both kinds of fans should, I am hopeful, continue to enjoy this ongoing tale. Sex will be more prevalent. But plot, character, and other key features that have been strong in this story thus far will continue to shine and be featured strongly. I think everyone who has been very supportive and enjoyed this story thus far will continue to.

Thanks again everyone, and keep coming back for more, it'll be on the way soon!