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Running towards or away

April 6, 2014
Posted at 12:47 pm

I sent the following as a reply to a comment. I thought it was appropriate to share with everyone.


Thank you for the comments.

One challenge of fiction is to take the reader someplace theyhave never been or had any desire to go, show them the landscape and have the reader desire more. "Willow" takes place in a world I do not live in nor would I. It is an extreme world. But can there be a compelling story in that world?

Running counter to that is the " turn off" factor. Some acts or situations repel us. No story appeals to everyone. I am writing against a strong current of repulsion and still trying to engage the reader. That may be the difference between a "stroke" story and what I and other authors want to do.

Would I like someone to be arroused by what happens in my story? Sure. Would I consider it a greater compliment to have someone not arroused but kept reading? Yes.

Thank you for letting me know readers are out there.