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Left or Right

April 6, 2014
Posted at 1:48 am

What went right and what went wrong?

Writing has been an adventure. It is fun, it is a struggle, it is hell, it is a rush.

What it is not is a guided tour. With little input from readers it is hard to know what was right and what was wrong in the story. I would like to get better, but it is impossible to improve "the craft" if there is no response to the writing.

I know I am singing the song every author here has sung. I am also guilty of not providing input as I should. Please accept my apology.

I want to know what worked in a chapter, a plot choice, a sex scene, or a technical construct. You, the reader, have a point a view and an opinion. Authors want to see through your eyes. I want to know what you saw good or bad in a chapter.

Please help the writers and comment.