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April 4, 2014
Posted at 8:38 pm

I finally got the next chapter of SuperVillain up. I am sure some of the other (and better) authors can relate to this. But my characters just did not want to cooperate. They wanted to tell a story that is two or three chapters away. I kept insisting I write this chapter first. They sulked and my brain froze up. It took twice as long to write this chapter as the first six.

As a piece of advice to any other new authors, never try to write a story using multiple word processors. So far I have used Scrivner, which is good but too complicated for me. Then I went back to OpenOffice which is great. Now I am using Google Docs, only because I can access it from work. So I ended up with three different file types that I had to then transfer to HTML. Just a hassle.