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New Arcadia Reorganized

April 4, 2014
Posted at 2:34 pm

Those who've been reading the New Arcadia stories lately will notice a few differences. For one thing, there's a "New Arcadia" Series, with the original story sharing space with new ones. The original story, as narrated by George, remains intact as a single story with multiple chapters. Chapter six, which was narrated by Louise, was removed, but will reappear as a separate story within the series. It was replaced with a new Chapter 6, narrated by George, which introduces two new characters. Actually, if you've read my stories, you've already met them: Dick and Liz from "A Very Private Beach." Their joining the cast, so to speak, has opened up some interesting story prospects, so I'll continue to add to that story.

Also in the series is a new story called "Denise's Story." You'll remember that Denise was the teenager who greeted George and jacked him off in the first chapter of the original story. The new story give me the chance to tell a story from a teenage girl's point of view. "Denise's Story" and "Louise's Story" will be followed in due time by "Bruce's Story" in which her brother tells what it's like for a boy to grow up in New Arcadia and experience his first fucks after initiation. I hope you enjoy them!