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An Apology to Morgan

April 2, 2014
Posted at 12:40 pm

Or perhaps I should have titled this entry, my apology to readers.

It must be frustrating to even the most casual of readers of my stories with the myriad of typographical and word errors I throw at them.

I know some members here are of scholar quality and have sometimes debated my word usage. I also am aware that I stretch things a bit too. But I can't excuse my inability to put forward moderately clean text.

The spell checker I use is constantly redlining what I type and it is often fun trying to figure out how to spell even some very common words. But that doesn't help when I've typed the wrong word. I'm constantly typing 'out' when I meant to use 'our' or like I did with this mornings efforts, 'it' in place of 'if'.

I guess at midnight last night I should have waited until my mind was a little brighter and checked the chapter once again before I released it.

So, I hope this apology will suffice. I know it really isn't necessary, but I offer it anyway. It's just my way of saying, I hope you'll bear with me and forgive me.

I perhaps am less forgiving of myself than any of my readers.