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Ranty Musings and Updates

March 30, 2014
Posted at 10:17 pm

Chapter Fifteen of DarkFyre has now been submitted for posting.

So a brief (not really, most of you know by now brevity is NOT my thing) note. I've received some feedback in the past that my chapters are shorter than some readers would enjoy. I'm sure this will be the case for this chapter, for those particular readers. I hear you. I understand. I read each and every piece of feedback I receive, and reply to most of it. I sympathize with your frustration on that issue, and when possible, do give an honest try toward putting out lengthier chapters.

That being said? I post shorter chapters at times, for various reasons. Sometimes because I want to release a chapter in a semi-timely manner, and I'm already stretching the definition of that with the length of chapter I have.

Sometimes, it's because if I were to not end a chapter where I choose to, the chapter would end up being crazy long by the time I reach a stopping point I deem acceptable.

And then there's times like this chapter (which actually happens to also fall into the above categories as well), where I end it at a certain point because it's just too deliciously evil not to.

If you think my chapters are too short, then I understand that. I value your opinion, and your readership, I really do. But sometimes, it's just not feasible for whatever reason for me to write out a longer one this time.

If it truly brothers you, I suggest letting two, perhaps even three chapters accumulate before you read further. This may take two or three weeks, I realize. But the truth is, if I write out a single chapter of that length, that's going to be about how long it takes me to release that single beefed up chapter. So in the end, it's about the same.

Thank you, sincerely, to everyone who has continued to read my work and support it. Please continue to send me feedback! It motivates me. It makes me better. It shows me that there's enough interest in this yarn to make it worth spinning the whole thing out. And it keeps me honest.

As always, all comments, critiques, and feedback, good and bad, are welcome in the comments section or at I read it all.

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