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March 28, 2014
Posted at 12:23 pm

This is my first-born. After more than 50 published non-fiction books (most now out of print, but a few still available) I decided to try my hand at eliminating the "non-".
I found that it's an entirely different discipline. Since writing this first effort I've subsequently done several more (all, including this one, published on Amazon for Kindle), and have become more familiar with the genre. Eden, however, required a very extensive editing process, including extensive cutting of what I later realized was over-writing.
I'm still rather proud of this first one, though, to the extent that I subsequently found the world I had created worthy of two re-visits. The novel is extremely slow-moving at the start (despite the initial drama), and takes a long while to develop so be patient. When I say it contains "minimal sex," the emphasis is very much on the word "minimal"; there's very little, and it doesn't come into play for a long time. Even so, I hope you enjoy this one (and possibly later on its sequels). Even looking at it several years after I originally wrote it, I'm still pretty proud of it.