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King vs Kink

March 26, 2014
Posted at 7:29 pm

Part of the appeal of the BDSM lifestyle is the push. Both sides push the boundaries of what is possible, acceptable and comfortable. Both a submissive and a dominant get a rush when they explore that ragged edge. Erotic fiction can explore much further than flesh a blood. What I am trying to do here is partly motivated by an extreme sports kind of rush. Think of it as literary base jumping.

What is the difference between writing horror stories, (S. King comes to mind) and writing in this setting? I guess what I am thinking is that a story like this finds some of its core appeal in the horror aspect rather than just the sex aspect. The sexual context kicks it up a notch, but is it horror at its heart? It is well documented that both men and women can become aroused when watching a horror movie. If you combine strong sexual themes and shocking violence, they can make for a pretty good kick in the pants!

Let's try a comparison. Let's use the recent 'Spartacus" craze as a parallel. Is there a difference between a Lord Blackmon type slave owner in his world and the owners of gladiators in the ancient world (such combat games were not unique to Rome)? Both were/are driven by the creation and display of suffering and observing extreme actions. People got off on the display of blood, violence, and sex, both in the arena and on tv. I am asking if such a heady combination can be created in a modern literary setting.

But I don't want to create just a slasher type story. I want it to be shocking, but I want it to be shocking real too.

Just some thoughts.

Let me know what you think.