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New chapter going up.

March 26, 2014
Posted at 3:44 pm

Chapter Six should be up soon. I am really happy people are enjoying it. A couple of things, first there is a lot of cartoon violence in this story. I am writing a comic book with sex (well, some sex so far). No one ever dies in old style comics. Batman throws Joker off the top of a multi-story bridge and a year later he's back. So yeah, my character shot a bunch of little kids and some naked ladies with a NON-LETHAL paint ball gun. Get over it. I thought I had made it clear that no one could possibly DIE from his Curare II. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. So here is it. CURARE II IS NON-LETHAL. That means he can shoot who ever he wants which is kind of the point. Otherwise I would just have him use a machine gun or poison gas. But he is not that kind of super villain. He does meet that kind of super villain in an upcoming chapter and doesn't like the guy.

Second for all the kind people that pointed out minor flaws in spelling or grammar, thanks. I am saving them up to do one big repost. That way I don't drive Lazeez crazy with resubmissions.

Oh, and if anyone is interested, I was thinking about making this a "World" and letting other authors write about similar characters or take the other side and write a super hero. Just saying.