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The Bechdel test

March 26, 2014
Posted at 3:30 am

So I ran into the Bechdel test today (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bechdel_test). here's how my stories rate:

Australian Story - fail. I was surprised at this, because it's got 2 strong female leads who have all sorts of interactions - but because the story is over the shoulder of Chris, they never speak to each other alone without Chris

Lost - just passes. ouch. Sarah and Chelle, I guess. And maybe Jill - depends how long the interaction has to be

Dragon's backbone - fail. big fail. I knew that. It's a story about blokes (that's why I got much more mail from females about that story as compared to any other ;->)

Bolt of Love - big pass on that one

The horse - passes

Grandma's will - well, that's a matter of definition. When do you stop talking about sex, and start talking about family?

But really, the Bechdel test is stupid - why does a female have to talk to a female? The more important question is, does your female have a compelling role beyond being someone's (bed) partner (or worse).