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Pattern Opus

March 20, 2014
Posted at 4:48 pm

Chapter one of Pattern Opus is in the queue.

It's going to be a bit different folks, because it has to be. The entire premise of this story is to understand just who Tina Smith is, and what makes her tick. We all like Tina, she's fun to have around, but none of us understand her.

In some weird and wonderful ways we're going to try. Tina isn't quite like us, her brain, quite frankly functions a bit differently. The premise is a real condition called synesthesia. Synesthesia is a cross-wiring of the brain so to speak. Some people associate shapes with temperature, some taste bitter when they smell a rose. Tina sees sound. Sounds to her make colors and shapes. She has learned to do some extraordinary things with what she see. It's going to be an interesting ride.

I have a problem with codes in this story. Technically I should use Mf, as Tony is now eighteen. I'm not so sure I want to do that. A reader coming to this story based on that code is probably not going to find what he/she is looking for. For now, I'm just going to leave it with the teen code as I feel that is more accurate for the content we are dealing with.

This story is not finished. The last two stories I have posted multiple chapters in a week. This story will likely be multiple weeks between chapters. The posting schedule will depend on my pace of writing. I'll not guarantee more until I get a better handle on what that will be.

For now, clear your mind of preconceptions, going into the mind of a teenage musical prodigy is a decidedly different and sometimes jarring experience.