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March 19, 2014
Posted at 10:37 am

Another bagatelle. Nothing serious about it, just entertainment. As I've said, I much prefer writing longer ones.
Hey, maybe somebody can answer this. I've posted twice now. And both have gone the same way. I've read others' complaints about voting, and have paid little attenttion, because votes don't really concern me. But it seems that others have had similar experiences. When I post ther are always two quick votes-both 1s. It's clear they're from somebody who didn't read the whole post, or even more than a few words. But in that case, why give a low score? I've read some true stinkers here, but if I'm not interested enough to finish, I just don't vote; why would anybody downrate a story that much without reading it? Yes, I know the low ones just wash out, but even so. If you're one of those who does it, I'd really appreciate an explanation-or a response from anyone else who understands the phenomenon.