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new chapter for Bela book 8

March 12, 2014
Posted at 4:14 pm

Just submitted a corrected copy of Chapter 21, correcting a typo or two and correcting who was doing what with whom. Yes, for those who like the sex, there's some here, after that dry spell from the last 2 chapters (which somebody enjoyed because there WASN'T any sex or maiming or murder). There's no murder in this chapter, either - just a bunch of happy, excited girls having an orgy in free-fall! Yeah! (sigh...) Good times.

On vacation this week, so I have some time to play on the computer. Found Samantha K.'s story she submitted over New Year's and added it to my Fav File. Didn't message her this time, as I don't want her to think I'm stalking her. Don't want to spook the good ones, ya know? Good story writers are hard to find.

Got 3 more days of vacation left. I plan on spending them gambling, eating, writing and reading.