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Advice, please--comments

March 5, 2014
Posted at 12:58 pm

I got about 40 comments on my request for advice on the amount of sex to include in my stories. The consensus was that a story should have the amount of sex that is appropriate for the story. That may sound like a silly result to some people, but what it means is that I should not jam sex into a story just to meet some preconceived idea of how much sex there should be in an SOL story.

As it happens, that is what I believe, and I will try to live up to that standard. In other words, some of my stories will have no sex, some will have mostly sex, and some will fall somewhere in between.

One respondent said that he would not read a story that was not heavy with sex, and I respect his stand, but it does mean that he will not read very many of my stories. Oh, well ...