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Thanks for the feedback.

March 5, 2014
Posted at 12:33 pm
Updated: March 9, 2014 - 3:06 am

I have received several feedback responses from SOL readers. Thank you for your comments and encouragement.

One of my readers, Fast Frank, noted that I should have added a story code for drugs. I agree and sent off a question to the Web Master. The Web Master informed me that SOL's posting template makes codes available if SOL believes that the code is appropriate for the level of Sex selected.

In other words, I selected No Sex because there is no descriptive text describing sexual activities, even though sexual situations were mentioned. Thus SOL limited the codes available for me to select.

I have three options available for the future stories:

1. Select a higher level of Sex than that appropriate for the story content. This will allow additional codes to be available for selection. When I do this, I will add a note in the story description to clarify the actual level of sexual content.

2. Add additional codes in the story description. I will probably use this option if there are only a few codes omitted.

3. Define that some appropriate codes have been omitted. I will probably use this option if there are many codes omitted.

I will have to decided which of the above options to use on a case-by-case basis.

Note: After posting this message, the Web Master noted to me that as defined by SOL the code for drugs is only appropriate if the drugged party is engaging in sex. Thus drug is not valid for a no sex story.