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March Madness!

March 3, 2014
Posted at 12:19 pm
Updated: March 3, 2014 - 12:20 pm

2014-March 3 - Finally submitted Chapter 16 of Sighs Matter, the last in our story. Please let me know what you feel about it, and remember, the Illustrated Version is quite colorful as well.

I have several more stories in my archives that I may submit up here sooner or later, as I feel that many of you have never seen them. I've been writing for adult text services since the mid 1980s, although most of my output happened prior to 2000.

I write to a particular niche for the most part, which is mostly consensual or mildly reluctant women, lots of oral sex, lots of cum, and very little reality.

Comments from readers gratefully acknowledged.