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Value of scores?

February 26, 2014
Posted at 9:29 pm

Can somebody tell me the value of having scores. Sometimes I leave them switched on and sometimes I don't. I already know that my score will run from 6.0-7.5, depending on how much of a fudge factor Lazeez uses that day. That is totally regardless of how many 8s, 9s, and 10s I have. At the moment, I have more 10s than anything else, and I find that gratifying. My scores of 7 and over vastly outnumber anything below 7, yet my score was 7.03 the last time I looked. Even if all of the 10s are dropped, how can my average really be that low?

The upshot is that I am going to turn off my scoring for now, unless I forget. Oh, by the way, I now have three 1s since I posted my troll comment. I must have caused him to make a couple of calls to buddies who normally don't vote. LOL

Of course, if I am wrong about my attribution of the last two 1s, I would like to know.

By the way, I had one reader write that he was abandoning "Man, That Was Some Rabbit Hole" because of the "swinging" in chapter 2 that I had failed to tag. That floored me because ALL primitive or isolated groups of humans do that sort of thing as a matter of course. Personally, I don't consider it swinging if it is a cultural norm. Also, that is the only place in the story where it happens. Oh, well ...