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Sorry about the delay

February 23, 2014
Posted at 1:33 pm

To all the people patiently waiting for an update on "My Second Life", I humbly apologize. Several bad things have happened in the last several months and the last one kind of killed any joy I had in writing for a while. I still want to continue the story but it may be a while.

The other hang up I have is that I fell into the ol' caterpillar joke trap. Someone (rightly) pointed out that I had some problems with my story logic. I can accept that I am a poor speller and that my grammar seems to have reverted to a third grade level. I know that unlike some if not most of the other people writing on SOL I only have a high school degree and that was almost forty years ago. But I can not STAND the thought that my story is not logical within the frame works of the story. More than grammar or spelling that is what I rag on other people about. So I haven't given up on it but it is going to take a large re-write AGAIN before I am satisfied with it.

I have another story that I am working on also. I am trying to do better on it. The plan right now is to write about 10-13 chapters in advance. I will submit them to my editor about 3 chapters at a time so that I don't overwhelm them. I will submit chapters as I get them back from the editor.