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Small Observations

February 20, 2014
Posted at 3:44 pm

-80% of SOL stories take place in a vaguely defined 1980s high school universe. On the other hand, 80% of Literotica stories take place in a vaguely defined WASP business universe.

-So, now that there's been that Reddit thread, are we going to have a bunch of stories about a guy with two dicks?

-for some reason, describing women in swimsuits makes me feel a lot creepier than describing women fucking aliens and all of the other shit I've written about

-Wikipedia sure has a lot of vaguely skeevy articles on porn

-Writing erotica is a lot like academia: you need to make yourself out to be a radical while flattering your audience at the same time, following current trends is your best bet, nobody takes you seriously and your chances of making any money are slim. Or, in other words: Publish or Perish.

-I should probably be working on Saying Stay right now.