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A Much of a Which of a Wind--Chapter 27

February 20, 2014
Posted at 9:41 am

Chapter 27 is up. Although the genre of this story is "science fiction," part of the "fiction" is definitely not the Liberator. It's real, as is the backstory given here. The young man who published the Liberator's blueprint was, I believe, a student at the University of Texas (where else?), and the governmental reaction was as outlined in the story.When I first read the story I had in mind working it into my own writing somewhere, and this worked out well.
With diligent research you can probably find the blueprint somewhere if you try; as I wrote, the toothpaste can't squeeze back into the tube. It's certainly not a weapon that even the most devout right-winger might choose, but I guess if you're sufficiently paranoid you might covet it. Still, don't count on it as your armament to resist government "tyranny." It fits nicely in the story, though.