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February 10, 2014
Posted at 9:06 am

Whew … I feel like the Dutch boy who pulled his finger out of the dike; my God, talk about a response! You all are better than Wikipedia! LOL

Thank you to all of you who responded. Believe it or not, the amount of information I received was actually very helpful; there was a lot (big grin) but all if it was great. Because of all the information I got, I was able to get an excellent overall view of the upper working of the Navy.

I am working on the third Matt Preston novel and as some of you know, one of my characters is Admiral Cutt. Matt is dealing with an enlisted person who was the top of Cutt's command. Due to all of you, I have a much better idea of who, and what, this chapter will be

Thanks to each and every one of you who responded. Honestly, I got a much better understanding of what I was looking for because of your many varied answers than I would have gotten with just a couple. My biggest regret is I can't give all of you who wrote to me any credit … if I did, I'd have to write another book just to include all of your names. LOL

With much appreciation to all of you,