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Pleasant surprises

February 9, 2014
Posted at 12:23 pm

I posted the last chapter of Book One of Lady in Red. The response was very gratifying, to say the least. (Maybe readers were just happy it ended?) I received more feedback on this last chapter than on any previous story or chapter I have ever posted.

I admit that I will be treading on unfamiliar ground when Steve enters Annapolis. I rely on a few readers that have walked that walk to help me. I will have things done wrong, or things that would never be allowed in the military academies. I ask a the readers to suspend disbelief again. Maybe the President will change the rules for a guy like Steve! Many have questioned my statement about having an honest politician or two. I am going out on a limb by trying to make that believable. It's easier to believe a couple kids can negotiate world peace than to believe a politician can be honest, at least for many readers. I hope to get a few chapters ahead before I start posting Book Two.

I acknowledge errors in my prose. I am not one that believes that misuse of words is acceptable. I do not. I am simply too impatient to wait for an editor. My mistakes in punctuation are usually because I really feel I'm right, even when I'm wrong. Go figure. Readers have a right to expect clean stories without those stupid slips like 'was' for 'has' and things like that. My little brain is light years ahead of my fingers. I noticed to my horror that I have the Governor's name wrong in a chapter and no one wrote to tell me about that foolish error. Football is over, so maybe I can write on Sunday afternoons now and then. After the recent Super Bowl, I felt like having Steve skip college and turn pro! He would do much better!

Finally, I truly appreciate everyone that read my story. I thank those that sent comments to me. The reader is having a peek into what my mind thinks about when I'm day dreaming, which is often. I hope everyone takes the time to dream now and then. It beats watching the news!