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Questions About Future's Path

February 7, 2014
Posted at 9:36 pm

I've noticed a couple of recurring questions in the comments I've been receiving about Futures Path, and thought it might be useful for readers if I answered them here.

1. Will there be sequels to FP, and if so, when?

Yes, I have several ideas for follow-up stories in this universe. At the moment however, that's all they are, ideas. While I certainly don't intend to take as long to write the sequel as I did to write FP, six years, I think it will probably take me at least eight months to a year to finish another story. I absolutely love writing, but simply don't have enough free time to get stories out any faster. I will do my best to post periodic updates here, to let you know how I'm doing on the sequel, as well as other projects.

2. Why did you write FP in present tense? The frequent tense changes from present to past were distracting, and made the story difficult to read.

Although I realize many people can't stand it when authors choose to do this, I actually enjoy stories that are written in present tense. As a result, I don't shy away from doing so myself, unless it just doesn't feel right to the story being told. To me, that's the key, what feels right to the characters I'm writing about, and what brings the most flavor to the story. FP was a challenge in several respects, not only because it was told in present tense, but also because I chose to switch in-between the point of view of two characters, and in later chapters, introduced a style of communicating telepathically, words enclosed by braces. Could I have told the same story in past tense, or from the point of view of only one character, or without any telepathic communication? Of course, but then it wouldn't have been my story.

In the end, I'm sorry if writing FP in present tense made the story unreadable to some of you. I post stories here because I want people to gain as much enjoyment reading them as I do writing them. That having been said however, I have to be true to myself as a writer, and inevitably, not everyone will like the choices I make.

Again, my sincere thanks to everyone who has read, voted, and commented on Future's Path.