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A New Past - Book One posted

February 6, 2014
Posted at 10:09 am

Chapter 19 in "A New Past" has been submitted for posting and should be up soon. It is the end of book 1 in Paul's tale. I hope you have enjoyed the story. I did not expect the overwhelmingly response the story has received.

Thank you to all the readers and other authors who took the time to read and send me feedback and encouragement. I tried to respond to as many of you as possible. For those of you who asked a question but did not receive a reply, please check your email settings/proxies. I received several bounce-backs from various email providers for undeliverable email. Those of you that provided feedback anonymously, please know that I did read everything I received.

I have gotten a tremendous amount of technical feedback on some details I missed, or deliberately side-stepped or ignored. Many, but not all, of the concerns raised I had consciously ignored or cut out more detailed explanations for because I felt it slowed the narrative too much. Personally, I find myself skipping huge section of explanatory text when I read, so I tried to keep it to the minimum. Hopefully I cut judiciously and not too much was lost.

Paul and Jeryl's story continues in book 2, which is plotted out and about 25% written. However, I won't begin posting until I have the story complete and at least the first few rounds of proofreading done. Book 2 is proving to be more challenging to write since the timeline has begun diverging from what we know to be our past. Additionally, I am trying to cover a greater span of time in roughly the same number of words. As a result, I'm having to be more careful with my research and descriptions to explain something that is at least possible, even if not probable.

I'm hoping to begin posting in the late spring, but real life may hold that up. I will try to update this blog once I have a posting schedule set.

Thanks again for reading,