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Scores and Reviews

February 3, 2014
Posted at 5:25 pm

Today, I spotted a comment in the Forum that I think needs addressing. This was my reply:

"In answer to your comment about nobody following an author just to give him nothing but 1 as a score, well, that happened to me, and I think that it is still going on. About two years ago, I did get an e-mail saying something to the effect that the author was going to give me nothing but 1, no matter what I wrote. Well, I still get about five or so 1s for just about every story I write, so I assume that the pattern is continuing.

"The same kind of thing happened for reviews. I got an email saying that the writer would no longer review my stories and would try to keep anyone else from doing so. Since then, I have not had a review posted. As it happens, I have no idea what caused this attitude.

"From this, you can see why I look at scores and reviews with a jaundiced eye."