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So I maybe have a problem.

February 2, 2014
Posted at 10:07 pm

Hi, I'm the Writing_Guy, and I'm addicted to writing.

Okay no, not really. There are a LOT of writers who are waaaaaay more prolific about putting out content than I. But, for me, putting out another early update for DarkFyre for the second week in a row, AND a short story in the same day, is a step up to my usual pace. I'm just in a writing and posting mood right now, and the number of hours I was on duty this week while having free access to a computer definitely didn't hurt in that regard.

So yes, Chapter Eight of DarkFyre is now submitted and should post soon. I hope everyone continues to enjoy. This chapter is shorter than the last few. Those of you who like longer, beefier chapters, please be patient. There will be more of those. I am, as ever, writing to the whim of my muse and whatever feels right at the time.

If you're the short story type, check out my new short I just put up, 'Of Intimate Moments, and Laundry'. It may or may not be your cup of tea.

Judging by the early scores, it's a mixed bag for some folks, but I enjoyed writing it and got a little nostalgia fix from it, so it served a purpose even if it's not universally hailed as the newest example of modern literary genius. If you find it even flawed but moderately enjoyable, I'll take it.

More coming soon. Like a weekish, maybe.