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Editing Thanks

January 28, 2014
Posted at 7:39 pm

First, thank you to everyone who has read, voted, and sent me comments about Future's Path. The story seems to be doing pretty well so far, and that's obviously because of your support.

A special word of thanks goes out to the reader who kindly alerted me to an embarrassing bit of homophone confusion. (Peddle verses pedal.) I do know the difference, honest, but you really wouldn't believe the crazy crap that comes out of my brain and subsequently gets transmitted to the keyboard when I'm writing sometimes. Thankfully, it was only in one chapter, and has been corrected.

That having been said, if you're good at finding grammar and sentence structure mistakes, and also think you'd enjoy a part-time job saving me from myself, please send me a message. I know I've sort've buried this request, but rather than just picking someone at random from SOL's available editor list, I'd like to partner with someone who is actually a fan of my writing.

Again, a sincere thank you to everyone for their support of Future's Path.