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Two New Stories

January 18, 2014
Posted at 2:58 pm

As promised, ladies and gents, new stories have been submitted. The first, A Match Made in the Hindu Kush, was already posted as of this blog entry. The Webmaster is smoking today. It is about a U. S. Army sniper on a mission near the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Something goes awry on his exfiltration and he winds up in a cellar, bleeding and having no memory as to how he got there. That is about all I will say about the plot. It is part of the Magic at War Universe, though none of the characters from the Con/Shameera stories are involved.

The second story, The Arrogance of Empire, is going to be the first in a new high fantasy Universe called Pan-Deia. Pan-Deia is a world that probably has waaay more gods than it needs and their fingers are always getting tangled in the threads of mortal's lives. No gods in the first story about a general sent on a doomed invasion mission but the first novel-length story in this Universe is all about what happens when gods are convinced to put all of their attention on something that has mortals in a dither. That story is called The Shattering of Faith and I will start posting that one when I have more than the chapter or two that I have now. I have been working too hard on other stuff to have done much on it lately, so it might be a while in coming.

As for The Death of Love in Morristown, I finished it as promised this week but it needs to be transcribed from chicken scratch to English onto the computer, edited, and re-edited before I can post it. There will be two more parts to it and they focus mainly on Maeve and Shameera. Hopefully they will be submitted before the end of the weekend.

That is all for now, enjoy the new stories and check back here for news on TDoLiM.